Why Join MCAH?

Membership with MCAH opens up new doors for you and your organization.  Join today to support our work and to access member-only benefits including training and event discounts.

Becoming a member also funds the critical work we do in regards to public policy, advocacy, event planning, and training administration for the countless front line homelss advocates, including over 600 agencies.

What You Get


  • Monthly training & education that provide you, at member-discounted rates, to our webinars allowing you to better educate your staff, better work with agencies, and to better your services in addressing homelessness in Michigan

  • Free admission to the annual Breakfast of Champions, where we honor our front line xxxxx.


  • Eligible to vote on select MCAH decisions such as the  Homeless Awareness Month poster

  • Promotion of up to five of your events on our social media platforms, followed by over xxxx


  • Added to membership event calendar on MCAH website (coming soon)

  • Mentioned in the MCAH weekly newsletter

  • Promotion of up to five job postings

What You Give


  • Support legislative advocacy that allows you to have a direct voice in developing priorities, influencing, and shaping policies to improve access to affordable housing. (Members are really reaping the benefit of the work Lisa and Eric perform. We provide action items to do in this regard (ie sign on letters). Members and non-members can do both). What the membership does is financially support this effort. Annual Advocacy Day

  • Annual Homeless Awareness Month, where over xxx agencies xxxx, thus increasing the education and awareness around homelessness in our state.

  • General training and xxxx support for the over 600 agencies providing services throughout the state.

  • Power to our collective voice in Lansing and Washington D.C.,  speaking out against the many threats that would further risk those experiencing homelessness.

Am I A


If you are unsure of your membership status, Eleanor Kolasinksi, our member coordinator, will be happy to confirm.  


Member Benefits


Training & education that provide you access, at member-discounted rates,  to our webinars & courses.

This information will allow you to work with agencies and constituents to better our services in addressing homelessness in Michigan.


Advocacy that allows you to have a direct voice in developing priorities, influencing, and shaping policies to improve access to affordable housing. 


Receive member discounts and free admission to our annual events, including Breakfast of Champions, Advocacy Day, and Homeless Awareness Month.


Member FAQ’s such as


Is my contribution deductible?


What were included in my organizational membership? Individual membership?


Is my membership transferable?


Is membership dues refundable?


(You can think of some sensible questions that members will ask and your responses)