A Holistic Perspective of Substance Use and Misuse

Monday September 19, 1:00 p.m.

General Info

This webinar will provide an overview of substance use, misuse, and diagnosable criteria. Time will be spent identifying the impact of substance use on the brain, as well as, the social impact of using substance. We will review different types of substances, treatment options, and best practices when interacting with those using substances. There will be an emphasis on the stigma associated with substance use and the impact that can have on individuals seeking treatment.

Course Outcomes:
A. Verbalize the difference between substance use and misuse
B. State at least 2 substances one may misuse
C. Identify at least one stigmatizing word related to substance use

After the webinar participants will be able to verbalize the difference between substance use and misuse, state at least two substances one may misuse, and identify at least one stigmatizing word related to substance use.



Instructor Info

Robert Smith & Cherry Health Clinical Staff

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