Pulling Data for Michigan’s Racial Equity Strategic Plan

by | May 13, 2022 | MCAH Agency | 0 comments

The Michigan Campaign to End Homelessness is excited to be partnering with the Racial Equity Design and Implementation (REDI) Team from C4 Innovations (C4) to create and implement a Racial Equity Strategic Plan that will transform homeless service delivery systems across the state by addressing racial disparities and advancing a more equitable approach to ending homelessness.

Prior to creating the strategic plan, we need to establish a baseline understanding of how people from different demographic groups are currently faring across various system performance measures. We are asking for your help with this.

We need data leads/HMIS admins from each CoC to pull specific data that can be reported back to the REDI team. Luckily, the data they are looking for is readily available in Michigan’s HMIS Data Warehouse. So, the task should not be time consuming or burdensome. This is the first time we will be looking at data across the state through a racial equity lens. This project provides an opportunity to strengthen our data practices, engage in peer-to-peer learning across communities, and utilize data to drive meaningful system change. C4 and MCAH will be partnering to provide a 90-minute training on May 24th, from 2:30-4:00 pm (EDT), detailing how to pull the requested data from the warehouse and answering any questions you may have. The session will be recorded in case some people are unable to attend, but we hope you will join us for in support of this very important initiative. Please reach out if to mihelp@mihomeless.org if you need any additional information.

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