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What is your position within your organization?

I currently serve as a Senior Consultant with Guidehouse’s State and Local Government practice.

What are your goals as a board member on behalf of MCAH?

I joined MCAH with three goals in mind:

Promote the use of research, best practices, and tested solutions from our communities, state, and national partners to direct Michigan towards an evidence-based future for our homeless response system.

Counter the predominant narrative that homelessness is a product of individual poor decisions, and instead focus on root causes and long-term systemic solutions to the social problem of homelessness.

 Ensure MCAH invests in the development of the people (e.g., employees, interns, volunteers) that carry its mission forward.

What skills/background did you bring to the position that benefits MCAH?

I bring with me my experiences as a public health professional, professional facilitator, and program evaluator. Many of those experiences have involved working with state and local governments to develop, evaluate, and disseminate practices that address issues of poverty, inequality, and the social systems that contribute to them.

Also, I bring a keen understanding of prevention science, and the role of policy mechanisms to stop or greatly reduce the risk that people will become homeless in the first place.

Why MCAH as opposed to another non-profit to give your time and talents?

What attracted me to MCAH was its focus on legislative advocacy and Eric Hufnagel’s – MCAH’s Executive Director – vision for the organization. 

What else would you like us to know?

I’m based in Lansing, Michigan but grew up in the Kalamazoo area. When I’m not working, I enjoy listening to live music, exploring Michigan’s trails via running and backpacking, or relaxing with one of my two cats.


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