Trauma-Informed Agency Audit

and what to do with the results

May 25th 1 PM-4 PM

Tickets: Member $35 and non-member at $45

General Info

Join us for a three-hour training/workshop on trauma-informed agency audits provided by MCEDSV. In the first half of the workshop, trainers will provide an abbreviated overview that was presented in previous trainings on historical trauma, intersectionality, and workplace trauma.

We ask that you watch Neurobiology of Trauma Part 1 and Part 2 before this training as only an overview will be included in this training. Included will be recommendations for developing self-assessments that are individualized for your agency and services, yet based on best practices for TIC and rooted in client-centered, trauma-informed, and intersectional philosophy. Trainers will dive into where we are today, how close are we to best practices, and how achievable are best practices.

The second half will assist participants in developing their own usable agency audit to assess the current state of reality, where the agency would like to go and operationalize steps on how to get there. It will include both process and outcome evaluation steps and examples, and how you can know where you are and when you’ve reached TIC.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to administer the assessment, how to correctly interpret the results, and what to do with the responses. Participants will leave with ideas on how to engage with staff around the WHY of TIC agency audit and practical, incremental steps of forward movement.



Member $34

Non-member at $45

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