Board Spotlight

Meet Amanda Sternberg


Board President

Q & A

  • What is your position within your organization? 
    • Performance Management Analyst with the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND)


  • What are your goals as a board member on behalf of MCAH? 
    • As a member of MCAH’s board, my goal is to help promote policies and practices both at the State level and within local communities that bring solutions to homelessness. Homelessness is a solvable problem, and I believe that by working together we can bring an end to homelessness in Michigan.


  • What skills/background did you bring to the position that benefits MCAH? 
    • I’ve worked with HAND, which serves as the Lead Agency for Detroit’s Continuum of Care, for 15 years. I bring to MCAH an understanding of how various federal funding sources for homelessness programming can be used to create the most impact in a community. I also bring to MCAH an understanding of the necessity of having all parts of the homeless delivery system working together towards the same goal in order to create this impact.


  • Why MCAH as opposed to another non-profit to give your time and talents? 
    • I believe everyone deserves to have a safe, permanent place to sleep at night, and I believe MCAH is well-positioned to make this a reality in Michigan!


  • What else would you like us to know? 
    • I’m a native Michigander, having lived in diverse parts of the state from a rural community in west Michigan to the city of Detroit. I’m convinced Michigan is the best place to live!   


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Amanda’s Spot
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