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Coalition for Expanding Housing Access: MLPP, MCAH, etc.

Add your organization to this sign on letter for Source of Income protections.

Thousands of MI families, veterans, persons with disabilities and seniors that have Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV- the former Section 8 rental assistance program) and other non-wage legal sources of income, find that landlords often refuse to accept them. Low-income tenants who have been left behind by the economy and rely on those income sources are not able to afford to rent a house or apartment in the neighborhood or community of their choice.  

Today, only 5% of Michigan housing units are connected to any kind of federal rental assistance, and they are concentrated in areas of environmental contamination and vulnerability to natural disasters.

Additionally, voucher holders are underrepresented in the lowest poverty census tracts and overrepresented in high-poverty and otherwise distressed neighborhoods. Within the population of families that use vouchers, that segregating effect has the greatest impact on Black and Hispanic households, perpetuating racial health disparities and economic inequity.

It is currently legal for a landlord in Michigan to refuse to accept rental vouchers, veterans benefits, alimony, TANF, SSI/SSDI as part of a person’s legal total income.

Source of Income protections legislation aims to change that.  Bills have been introduced in the House and Senate to protect Michigan renters from discrimination based on their source of income.  Our state Legislature should protect renters’ civil rights throughout the state, no matter where choose they live.  We ask that the bills receive a committee hearing and favorable vote.

The time is now!