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Can you give me your job title and a description of the work you do?

My job title is Communications Manager.  In this role, I am responsible for elevating the “voice” of MCAH across the state amidst the general community, our agency partners, and anyone else working on behalf of the homeless.  This is done via social media, dedicated newsletters, press releases, our website blogs, and overall communications and public relations on behalf of the agency.


How does your work help homeless people, or help more people become housed?

It doesn’t directly.  Like most of the staff at MCAH, we support the folks who are on the front lines helping the homeless.  My role as Communications Manager is to promote the critical work and efforts of my colleagues in the areas of advocacy, training, and public policy.  These programs then in turn help the actual homeless and housing advocates do their jobs more effectively. 


Is there one project or achievement with MCAH that you are particularly proud?

Historically, there has not been a full-time, dedicated communications person at the agency.  So, in the few months I have been in this role, I am incredibly proud of the implementation of a more robust social media calendar, the design and maintenance of our website blog, the improved branding standards across our communications, and the continued work of my predecessor, the amazing Laurel Burchfield. 


Is there anything else you want to say or would want people to know?

Earlier in my career, I have had the honor of working internationally in both Belgium and Mexico in the corporate world.  In the last decade or more, I have worked in the Lansing area in a variety of roles including the  founder/Co-Executive Director of Helping Women Period, marketing coordinator of a local law firm, and marketing/fundraising manager of a private Montessori school, Radmoor Montessori.  All of these roles have helped me bring value, experience and enthusiasm to this position, where I am honored to support some amazing colleagues who fight tirelessly to end homelessness.

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