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  • By Lucas Day, MSW Student at Michigan State University

    1. Can you give me your job title and a description of the work you do?

    My job title is Director of Public Policy. I work with MCAH staff and
    collaborative partners across the state to determine policy priorities
    that will help advance the mission of the organization and improve the system for unhoused persons across the state.

    2. How does your work help homeless people, or help more people become housed?

    While I don’t find housing for people myself, my work
    with organizations, funders and legislators across the state indirectly helps to remove barriers to housing, improves access for vulnerable populations, improved utilization of existing resources, as well as increases in funding and services.

    3. Is there one project or achievement with MCAH that you are particularly proud?

    I am proud of the Source of Income protections legislation that a
    statewide workgroup that we facilitate is working to get passed. If
    adopted into law, this would help thousands of people in Michigan have their legal sources of income recognized and greatly increase access to housing in areas of their choice.

    4. Is there anything else you want to say or would want people to know?

    My work over the years included working with and on behalf of
    persons with disabilities and those that are unhoused. The common
    thread is housing- lack of affordable, accessible, quality housing in
    places where folks want to live. I would say that there is a growing
    awareness (if we hadn’t known before the pandemic) just how
    essential housing is.

    Housing =Life (Matthew Desmond).


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