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Certification Site Overview (North Carolina)

Welcome to MCAH's HMIS Certification Training Site! We hope this site helps to ease you into your position with little delay or confusion of the certification process. This page is designed to give you a jumping off point and basic flow of what tasks you should be completing. Click here if you would like a PDF of this overview.

Getting Started

From the top menu, hover over 'User Resources' followed by 'North Carolina Users (NC HMIS)' and select 'Login' or 'Register.' By selecting 'Login,' you can login to an existing account or click 'Create account' at the bottom of the page to make a new account. If you select 'Register,' you will immediately be taken to the registration screen to create an account. All fields are required, so please fill them out completely and to the best of your knowledge. Duplicate emails and usernames will not be allowed. When you are finished, click 'register' at the bottom of the page. After clicking this button, your account will automatically be activated and ready to begin your training.

If your email is already taken, this is a strong indication that you have already registered. If you cannot remember your login information, please see the 'Forgot your password?' and 'Forgot your username' links on the login page.

User Menu

Once logged in, you will notice a new orange menu has now appeared on the left side of your screen, referred to as the user menu. This menu will remain on your screen while you are logged in. Clicking 'Edit User Profile' from this menu brings you to a form similar to the one used for registration. Here you can review your profile information and change or update anything currently on file. Just make sure to click save at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.

Below the 'Edit User Profile' menu item, you have 'Training Categories' along with further subcategories that will help guide you to the trainings you are looking for.

'Quiz Results' rests below 'Training Categories' in the user menu. Here you can view results, retake quizzes, and download certificates for successfully completed trainings.

For convenience, quick access to the 'Workflows & Grant Specific Documents' and 'Assessment Forms' folders are now available in this menu.

Lastly, you will find the 'Log Out' menu item at the bottom of the User Menu.

System Administrators will see additional menu options. If you are a System Administrator and do not see additional items other than what is listed above, please contact MCAH staff.

Completing Certification Learning Paths

Select a menu item from 'Training Categories' to begin. Note the information and documents available to you at the top of these pages, which often include workflows and other related documents. Click the 'START' link or green arrow button to watch the video (if you do not see this option, click 'Expand all' or the gray bar on the screen).

Video files can be downloaded by clicking the link below each embedded video.

Once you have finished, click 'Next step' within the gray bar below the video to start the quiz. Please note that while you can retake quizzes, they cannot be started and saved for later completion once you leave the screen. Answer the questions and click the blue arrow at the bottom to reveal your score and pass/fail status. If you do not pass, consider reviewing the video and materials again and click 'Take this quiz again.' Your results and certificate remain on file in your account (viewable from the 'Quiz Results' menu item). View and save your certificate image by clicking on the certificate link, right clicking the image, and saving to a relevant place on your computer. You may also download your quiz results as a PDF by clicking 'PDF Report.' These results will have a point received/total points possible (0/1 or 1/1) next to each numbered question, as well as the answer you gave at the bottom of each question. Please note that the correct answers to the questions are not displayed anywhere on the PDF report.

It is important that your Agency and System Administrator receive a copy of your certificates (and quiz results, depending on preference) to keep on file for your agency and to issue or adjust user licenses. If you do not know who your Agency and/or System Administrator is, please contact your direct supervisor.

See the New User Training Guide for additional guidance as to which trainings you should be taking.

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