Relevant Local Agencies and Departments

Continuum of Care (CoC): A Continuum of Care is defined by MSHDA as being, "a coalition of area agencies working together with homeless residents of the county to help them access needed services." It is a proven way of agencies working together to prevent clients from slipping through the cracks of the system. Most CoC groups operate within counties.

Those communities that wish to seek and apply for grant monies for state sponsored housing programs, such as Shelter Plus Care, Supportive Housing, or Section 811 are required to have an active CoC committee consisting of member agencies who are interested in sponsoring housing programs for the homeless, the disabled, and the very low income.

Use the link below to review the Statewide Continuum of Care contact list to locate one in your area. These links are provided as a courtesy to our users and are recommended for informational purposes. MCAH is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any external sites.

Statewide Continuum of Care Contact List

                     Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness  |  15851 S.Old U.S. 27, Building 30, Suite 315 Lansing, MI 48906  |  Phone:  (517) 485-6536  |  Fax:  (517) 485-6682