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WMV files and GoToMeeting recordings

Most of our WMV files are recordings from Cisco GoToMeeting or Cisco GoToWebinar events. These files require a special audio/video codec to view properly. To get this codec, click here and select "Install GoToMeeting Codec" to download the file. Follow the onscreen installation instructions (please note that this link will take you to an external website).

Sometimes WMV files do not play correctly. We recommend an up to date version of Windows Media Player to play all WMV files. You can obtain a new copy of Windows Media Player here. Select the appropriate download link for your operating system or web browser.

Sometimes WMV files play in browser. This is for your convenience. To save a WMV file to your computer, right-click the download link and select either "Save As" or "Save Target As" and follow the on-screen instructions generated by your browser.

If you are still having trouble viewing these file types, contact your office IT administrator for support.

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